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Coming Fall 2024!


All of the outdoors, none of the barriers.

Alexa Young, CA

“I never knew there were so many amazing outdoor experiences available. GetOut has opened up a whole new world for me.”

Morgan James, NY

"Renting out my backyard pond through GetOut has been a great way to earn extra income while sharing my love for nature with others. Best of all, I can rent it out for any amount of time I want!"

Lisa Driver, MI

“Thanks to GetOut, I was able to find the perfect location for my outdoor wedding. It was a truly magical experience.” 

Explore New Destinations

With GET OUT, you can discover hidden gems and explore new destinations that are off the beaten path.

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Hunting Season

What We Provide

GET OUT provides a platform for individuals to access private outdoor experiences that are not available to the general public.

Friends Camping

Flexibility is our Priority

Hunting, Fishing, Paddle Boarding, Dirtbiking, Camping, Stargazing, Hiking...the possibilities are endless. At GET OUT, having a variety of outdoor options is the name of game. Choose the timeframe that works for you!





Ease of Access

Our Guests love how simple it is to work with us. GET OUT brings a platform that is easy for both property owner and guests to interact with. Keeping it simple is our way of life!
Snowmobile plowing


Property owners can expect to rent their land with help from GET OUT to get the ball rolling. Users can expect to set their own amount of time limits and only pay for what they are using.

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